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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Delivery Policy

The services will get delivered within 24 hours when the contents received and made full payment, one the service is published, we will send a confirmation email to the customer.

Refunds Policy

Refunds will be issued only for a certain circumstances such as websites down or the complete service is not working properly. Also the refunds will not be issued when service start running in the site. In case of refund request before we start running the service and designs and adminitrator work involved, then you may be subject to a administration fee of £30 and balance will be refunded. Moreover, refunds are determined on individual circumstances and only issued once our technical staff verifies that our website has a down time. Also the refunds will not be available within 14 days from the request date.

Charge backs

If you withdraw any payments made via a bank, credit card or PayPal account (a “chargeback”) , you may be subject to a administration fee of £30, should Lankapuri estimate the charge back to be unfair. Lankapuri also reserves its right to defend such charge backs and recover the original money from you or the card issuer.

If a charge back is made, Lankapuri reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or cancel the services and such a interruption, suspension or cancellation does not relieve you from paying the original prices which are overdue and payable to Lankapuri.